What to eat when sailing?

sailing dinner otium

Sailing can be something most wonderful but at the same time, it can be a nightmare if your stomach is sensitive. If you don’t know how your body will react to the sailing keep in mind that there are plenty of ways how to make your experience pleasant. And choosing the right food is one of them.

Of course, the best foods are light and bland, such as saltine crackers, plain bread, or pretzels. Having some food in your stomach is better than having an empty stomach, but be careful not to eat too much. Also, you might want to sip some ginger ale: Ginger is a well-known natural remedy for motion sickness. Peppermint also may have calming effects on the stomach. Many people find that eating crackers along with drinking water or soda helps.

But if you don’t have problems with seasickness then you can be more adventurous by choosing your sailing menus. In fact, the menus are offered by themselves – if you only have your senses ready. From the fish markets on Croatian islands to the exquisite culinary experiences in Istria and some other golden spots.

In the Adriatic sea, there are many coastal towns with great restaurants. Some of them are even Michelin’s or Gault Millau’s choices and winners, such as Konoba Zijanica in Moščeniška Draga, which serves exclusive seafood in the romantic ambience of this small coastal place. Another, prized by both, Michelin and Millau, is located on the magical island of Lošinj and is called Alfred Keller.

Awarded one Michelin star and 16.5 Gault&Millau points, and drawing on the supervision of stellar 2-Michelin Star chef Christian Kuchler, Alfred Keller cuisine is one of the best choices in the Adriatic sea.

Not so much into fancy eating? We understand. The best way when sailing is still to catch your own food from nature. There are fish in the sea and interesting mussels on the rocks, but even more interesting are little “Market” boats that are cruising between natural bays and are offering fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, and even spices, for your DIY lunch. Fresh cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, oysters, and avocado spread on the soft french bread, without leaving your boat … what could be better than this?