Hodor SunLiving A75

There are roads and there are ROADS to be explored. Rent our friendly camper or book the whole adventure, with the boat and skipper, from the Slovenian coast of Izola (Marina Izola) to Croatian Šibenik (D-Marin Mandalina Šibenik) and then back with an unforgettable road trip. Hodor is waiting for you in the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana right now.

Welcome to our wonderful camper that waits to accompany your road adventure. With 3 beds and a capacity for 6 people, it’s a great choice for families or groups of friends. 7,49 m long and quite young (2019), Hodor will take you to great places with the power of 150 hp.

This home on the wheels provides loads of space for living on the move and storage for all your gear and additionally, it’s equipped with Apple Airplay and a bike carrier for 4 bikes.

1-day rent from 100 EUR

Is it worth it? Of course!

This is our very own camper and therefore highly praised by our customers. Check the 1-day prices* for season 2022 below and click on the reservation button if you want to experience the roads and camps with our Hodor.

*Please note that the prices contain rent only. Reservation is confirmed with 40% pre-payment and full payment at least 4 weeks upon arrival. Security deposit have to be paid by the check-in.

General Rental Terms (SLO)