Dolphins watching! Where in Adriatic sea?

One of the most magical parts of sailing the sea is to see its creatures coming to the surface. Of course, dolphins are the number one most popular animals to experience when sailing.

Even if the Adriatic sea is not the most known for dolphin-watching, there are several species that can be found in these waters. The bottlenose is the most common one. The bottlenose dolphin is probably the world’s most well-known dolphin species. They have a robust body and short beaks. They can grow up to 3 meters and are dark on the back and lighter on the belly. They are highly intelligent and very adaptable and that is what enables them to live in channels between the Adriatic islands. 

One of the most famous islands for dolphins watching is Lošinj. There lives one of the oldest dolphins community that gathers around 200 individuals. They spend their whole life in Kvarnerić area so researchers of the Blue World Institute know them by name. The oldest dolphins of Lošinj, like VivianTac and Mida are over 30 years old!

Striped dolphins, common dolphins and even fin whales occasionally appear in the Adriatic sea, so the experience, when taking a trip with the professionals, such are available in Lošinj by Dolphin Watching Adriatic, can really be amazing. However, the Adriatic sea is in terms of observational tourism still very quiet, so watching these special animals can spontaneously become a part of your individual sailing adventure. The sailing boat is quiet and the dolphins already know that the sailors are not dangerous to them, so they show themselves, usually in a very playful mood.

The best hours are the early morning hours, right before the sunrise. So why not rent your own sailing boat and experience your morning coffee together with a playful dolphin family, not far away from the coast of Lošinj, or maybe even Izola (Slovenia)- the marina where we can offer more than 20 different sailing boats to go. You can check our very own sailing boat Arya, and book a skipper in the package, in order to fully relax and enjoy the best from the Northern Adriatic.

In Slovenia, there is an organisation that is researching the dolphin community in Slovenia, called Morigenos. They are active in dolphin scientific research for more than 15 years. In Slovenia also the bottlenose is the most common dolphin. Slovenian sea, according to Morigenos, is a playground and learning area for young dolphins with their mothers. 100 to 150 individual dolphins appear not far from the Slovenian coast each year, and some of them are returning for more than 10 years now. If you want to experience dolphins more from the research point of view, you can apply for their dolphin research course.

Morigenos organisation, located in Piran, is researching dolphins in the Slovenian sea for more than 15 years.