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  • Dolphins watching! Where in Adriatic sea?

    Dolphins watching! Where in Adriatic sea?

    One of the most magical parts of sailing the sea is to see its creatures coming to the surface. Of course, dolphins are the number one most popular animals to experience when sailing. Even if the Adriatic sea is not the most known for dolphin-watching, there are several species that can be found in these…

  • What to eat when sailing?

    What to eat when sailing?

    Sailing can be something most wonderful but at the same time, it can be a nightmare if your stomach is sensitive. If you don’t know how your body will react to the sailing keep in mind that there are plenty of ways how to make your experience pleasant. And choosing the right food is one…

  • 5 best Marinas in Adriatic

    5 best Marinas in Adriatic

    Otium Adventures team proposes the best marinas by our experience and recommend them for the upcoming sailing season:) First three are smaller ones, the last two are located in cities. ACI Marina Piškera is located in the beautiful Kornati National Park between the islands of Piškera and Panitula Vela, off the northern coast of Panitula Vela. The marina is well-protected from the northerly bura wind, but a little less so from the southerly winds. It is open from April 1 through October 31. The price of the ticket for the Kornati National Park is included in…