About us

One shoud always search for guiding light or grain of salt  – thus we always learn something new.

From our knowledge, we are the only one-stop-shop for sailing and driving around. You sign a single rental contract for both camper and boat of your choice with us, carefully follow intros at check-in, and off you go! Many happy returns! We take care of the rest. If you come with two teams, even more fun and even more value since this enable you to bring both vessels back without backtracking.

We share love and passion with sea nomads from all walks of life, mostly wind-powered.

— Otium Crew

When was the last time you forgot you smartphone at home?
Maybe you should do it more often – or not, up to you. Freedom has thousands of flavors.


Navigare necessere est is known since the dawn of humanity and was given to me by my hitchhiking parents. Boy scout since first grade (and still), coming from a farmhouse near Celje, my first ride ever was with my girlfriend to Bremen, Amsterdam and back. 2 weeks. Next summer, the next ride was 6 weeks, to Baltics and back. After turning 18, with friends we rented a boat for a week from Opatija-Ičiči, nobody had a licence, nor skills needed. We all tried, I was the only one to pass all exams and received a license to operate the boat.
EOL had mercy with us, the old tired Adriatic 1020 was a vessel of choice for eight friends, and many stories to be shared started happening and still happen today while I write this on the white dunes of Omaani Indian Ocean coast. We came here with Landcruisers, driving over waste dessert, Wahiiba.

But it takes time and money to get here from Europe. Otium Adventure Society was conceived in 1999 and was mostly about sailing and diving in Croatia, many young trainees tore our skulls, sails, ropes and lost their weights while becoming for-life Adventurers.

Welcome to the tribe! If you got here, you likely fit in.


Born in Miskolc, Hungary, some years discovered Budapest while working in the legal-social field but love took me to Slovenia in 2007 and fast I fell in love with the country too. As a member of the crew, I have some sailing experience on the Adriatic sea from Izola till Dubrovnik and a little bit of the Caribbean sea. I like to organize events and people so that things go smoother. I will help you to organize your trip either by boat or by boat and camper or combination of sea, road and Ljubljana sightseeing. You can contact me if you have any problems on your journey and we will find the solution together.


I love the sounds of the Marina Izola. It is magical and promising. I am there to welcome you onboard and take you around the boat or camper with all the instructions and tips for a great experience. I am looking forward to meeting you at the dock.


Creating is my mainstream. I am Otium’s presentation & content creator, and marketing manager. Also a writer and absolute sea lover. When Primož and Ági took me to the sailing day with Otium’s Arya, the sun was shining gently and the wind pushed our sails towards the horizon. It was magical. That is why I am working for Otium Adventures. Because it offers a very personal and yet adventurous experience.

foto: Dejan Javornik

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